5 Common Myths about Websites

1. The purpose of a website is to communicate information about a company, services and products (click here to display)

> The purpose of a website is to convince virtual visitors to become real customers

Why it is false?

Of course, informing internet users about your company, your products or services is the basic function of a website. However, the Internet is now so much part of our lives that it affects most of its aspects. You use the Internet to get information, to shop, to organize your social life and to interact with your family and your friends. The limits between reality and virtuality have now disappeared.
Social networks, such as Facebook and Twitter, have become essential services and connect hundreds of millions of users around the world – which are all potential customers. Now, the reputation of companies and brands are heavily influenced by the quality and efficiency of their websites. Many companies have understood that point and have designed their websites accordingly.

What about now?

With the Internet, a company can present and sell all kinds of products and services. It can also interact with customers or prospects, through its own website or social networks. By checking positive or negative reviews on blogs and social websites, a company can identify the evolution of customers needs and change its commercial offering. If you manage e-business (online shop, online services, …), you have to pay careful attention to this.

What is Istanbul IT Services solution?

ISTANBUL IT SERVICES can help you improve your website and better understand your customers’ needs and satisfaction. We provide practical elements on web marketing in order to attract new customers, to get ahead of your competitors and to strengthen your reputation.

2. A website is mostly a source of expense

> If your web site gives information to your visitors, it’s a source of expense. But when it gives information to you, it’s a source of profit

Why it’s false?

A website is a source of expense only if you do not turn it into a profit centre. With a good analysis of the environment and a well-targeted web strategy, your website will help you:

  • Transform web visitors into real customers;
  • Improve visitor satisfaction and confidence in your products and services;
  • Gain information about your customers and their present and future needs;
  • Take advantage of your competitors’ web sites.

What is the Istanbul IT Services solution?

Before starting to design your website, Istanbul IT Services will provide you with a complete analysis of your company’s profile, environment, competitors, products and customers. This strategic analysis is essential in order to define a web strategy meeting your specific needs.

ISTANBUL IT SERVICES will provide you with a set of indicators to evaluate and improve your website efficiency over time, and even its return on investment.

3. The work of a web agency ends when the website is online

> A serious web agency cannot stop his work after the website delivery, because a website already starts to evolve from the moment it is online

What are the Istanbul IT Services commitments?

  • Your business changes, your customers change, web technologies are also change. So should your website. ISTANBUL IT SERVICES always designs website using the most advanced web technologies while keeping in mind they should be fully, easily manageable and upgradable by non-experts.
  • Your website content will also need to evolve. Your business, your products, your services and every content published on your website will need to be updated or removed one day. Web edition has a cost that you must take into account during the conception phase of your project.
  • Finally, to make sure your website is accessible and up and running 24/7, it must be technically maintained. Have you thought about this?

ISTANBUL IT SERVICES provides solutions for any maintenance you might need for your future or current website. If you already work with a web agency, make sure it provides the necessary guarantees for the website technical and editorial maintenance.

4. With blog tools and software, everyone can create a website

> Whereas it is relatively easy to gain new visitors with a brand new attractive website, it is harder to attract and satisfy them over time

Why it is false?

Designing a website by yourself is not a guarantee of efficiency. It is now pretty straight forward to create simple websites on one’s own, to manage texts and pictures, to create a photo gallery or a blog but it does not guarantee that your website will be attractive, easy to navigate or make your visitors satisfied with their visit.

What about now?

An efficient website is better than an attractive one to retain your visitors and have them come back. To make your website efficient, you must primarily focus on visitors who are interested in your content.
But do you know who they are? Your website should not be designed around your personal needs, but according to what your visitors are expecting to find: simple, quick and relevant answers to their own needs.
For example, you can write beautiful texts for your website, but if these texts does not meet the needs of your visitors, they will be useless. In the same way, a website with an outstanding design can have technical deficiencies that will make it impossible to be visible on search engines. A unique graphic interface, different from web standards, can also make your visitors loose their way because of a complex web architecture and navigation. If you loose an Internet visitor, you also loose a potential customer.

What is the Istanbul IT Services solution?

ISTANBUL IT SERVICES offers a customised service, which combines modern and attractive design with simple navigation for your visitors and includes technical support. We also use special tools and analysis methods to identify the strengths and weaknesses of your website and thus identify priority areas for improvement.

5. From the moment my website is online, my company is visible on the Web

> If you are not visible on search engines, you are not visible on the web

Why it’s false?

Studies* have proven that 60-80% of Internet users accessed a website through a search engine in a situation where they are looking for information related to that website. In 80% of cases, people use Google as their primary search engine, far ahead of Yahoo! and Bing (Microsoft). In addition, a Google user in 70% of cases never goes beyond the 10 or 20 first search results.

* Iprospect.com (2008), Searchenginewatch.com (2011)

What about now?

Therefore, it is essential for a website which aims to be visible to appear in Google top results using some critical keywords (words or phrases that describe your website content). In addition, we should consider that most Internet users do not know your company or brand names, unless you have expensive advertising campaigns on a large scale.

What is the Istanbul IT Services solution?

ISTANBUL IT SERVICES provides services to optimize your website ranking in top search results. Your website ranking will be monitored monthly, and if it declines, we analyze why and conduct corrective actions.