Why start an eCommerce in Turkey?

Turkish eCommerce is one of the fastest growing Internet economy in the world thanks to 36 Millions of Internet users (half of the national population) and 10 Millions of online shoppers.

4 main factors explain this growth :

  • High credit card penetration : second in Europe.
  • Competitive logistic companies: next day delivery is a standard.
  • High Internet usage : 50% of the population has access to Internet, 90% has a mobile phone and 60% use their mobile to go online.
  • A growing middle class and a young population: the income per capita has tripled in 10 years and the median age is around 29.

It is easy to launch a business when you start with a good infrastructure.

Online retail in Turkey is expected to see an annual growth of 15.8 per cent in constant value terms by 2017, 107 per cent in total, reaching a market value of $6.6 billion, according to global market research company Euromonitor International. On-going technological development, Turkey’s growing population and a sustainable rise in online shopping is expected to continue to support the rapid expansion of Turkey’s eCommerce sector.

How we can help

ISTANBUL IT SERVICES can develop the eCommerce solution your business needs or add the functionality to your existing website.

We will advise you on how to start your e-business in Turkey, the different payment systems that you can use and provide you with the technical skills needed to create the website.

Our eCommerce solutions are mainly based on the open-source platform Magento and WooCommerce plugin.



We are capable of designing and developing advanced eCommerce websites based on the open-source platform Magento. It is the most popular and advanced eCommerce platform on the web today.

Magento is tailored to host millions of references and can be adapted to any kind of needs, different languages, currencies, multi-locations, multi-warehouses etc. It can also be turned into a marketplace like the well known Finally Magento gets a lot of its value from the hundreds of applications and modules available on Magento Extensions Marketplace.

You can take a look at a demo platform here:

WooCommerce for WordPress


If you have an existing website using WordPress or would like to create a simple web shop, we can also implement the solution WooCommerce.

WooCommerce is a WordPress plugin (web application) created by WooThemes which can help you easily turn a your website into a very simple and efficient online store. We offer custom design, development and deployment services for WooCommerce.

A basic demo of WooCommerce is available here:

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