How We Make A Difference

  • Open Source Solution

    The technical solution we suggest is 100% based on a LAMP architecture (Linux- Apache-MySQL-PHP). Our solution is entirely open-source and is highly customizable, so it guarantees technical implementation closer to your expectations. Some specific developments and web applications can be build in PHP web language; others can be developed as plug-ins of the content management system.

  • Content Management System (CMS)

    The content management system will be the core of your website because, after its release, you will use it to structure, update and add to it any piece of information you want to display. There are a lot of CMS on the market, and before choosing one, we seek a tool that provides our customers with full autonomy to create and update content.

  • Previous Content Integration

    If you already have a website, its former content (texts, pictures) will be integrated into the CMS during the production phase. We will do this work and, right after the CMS training we will provide, you will be able to include any new content you want yourself.

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for your website

    During the production phase of the project (see below), the SEO will ensure that that strategic queries are often and appropriately displayed on your website. Web optimization techniques will be used for this purpose, as well as for important work on the content of your website before its final release.

  • CMS User Training

    Our offer includes the training of your website content manager. We will provide him or her with a user manual for the CMS administration console of the website, so that he or she can update the content on his or her own. Optionally, we can also provide further web training programmes.

  • Web Audience Tracking & Analysis Tool

    Our offer includes the implementation of Google Analytics, which is an online software designed to track and analyse website audiences. This software provides functionalities to know who your visitors are and to follow the ranking progression of your website. We also train you on this software.

  • 3-month Warranty after Release

    We cover our work with a 3-month warranty during which you can ask us to correct any abnormality or malfunction you may detect on your website after its final release.