Increase your influence on Social Networks

ISTANBUL IT SERVICES provides professional solutions to enhance your company’s visibility on the Web and make your website more attractive for web users. Your visibility on the Web is not only related to your website only: don’t forget people talk about your company and activities anywhere on the Web and especially on social networks.

See what ISTANBUL IT SERVICES can do for you:

& other Social Networks

ISTANBUL IT SERVICES can help you create and manage Facebook, Twitter or any other social network profiles for your company and your brands.

Facebook and Twitter are social networking websites. They are primarily used for private relationships between their members, so they are very useful to launch “web marketing actions” and to present your activity, your social initiatives, your new products and services. Also, visibility on social networks ensure top ranking on search engines.


ISTANBUL IT SERVICES can provide assistance or training to help you build a very effective blog for the promotion of your activities and products.

A blog allows you to highlight interesting news about your company in a less rigid way than a press release. It also allows you and your web visitors to react on facts that may not directly concern your company, but affect your market or your activity.

A blog also gives your company a modern image and is very useful to make your website rank well on search engine results. Moreover, with some frequent and relevant updates, a blog can have a positive impact on your customers, the press or your partners and investors.

Newsletters & E-mailing campaigns

ISTANBUL IT SERVICES helps you build-up your official newsletter & organize e-mailing campaigns (design, regular content, choice of technical solutions).

Newsletters can be sent to your customers, web visitors or partners so that they don’t have to go on your website to see your latest news. They just need to sign up. You can send, for example, interesting commercial offers, possibly exclusive ones, to increase readership to your newsletter.

In return, you can collect a huge amount of data about your newsletter subscribers that you can use for marketing purposes – for example, to build up a satisfaction survey on your services and products.