Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization, what is it for?

ISTANBUL IT SERVICES can provide you with an overall analysis of your organization’s visibility on search engines. We can conduct a complete report to analyse the efficiency of your current website and identify its weaknesses – technical problems or bug, content management mistakes or lack of optimization.

ISTANBUL IT SERVICES SEO reporting includes a full analysis of your web traffic statistics, website visibility on search engines (especially on Google, which accounts for almost 80% of world search engine traffic) and social networks (Facebook, Twitter and many others) to compare your results with your identified competitors.

Our analysis will include suggestions for corrective actions, which ISTANBUL IT SERVICES can implement for you.

Do you know where your web visitors are coming from?

Your web visitors are not coming from nowhere. The Web is a network shared by millions and millions of websites, and the more connections your website has to them, the better your visibility wil be. Web visibility is the key to your website success because more visibility on the Web means more traffic and, ultimately, more potential customers.

It is important to work on different source of traffic. Not only will it secures your on-going traffic, but different sources will also bring different visitors and take your brand into different communities.

Here are the 5 most important Web Traffic Sources for a website today:

  • Search Engines
    Search Engines

    Search engines are a constant source of traffic to your website. Some traffic is highly targeted and the higher your visibility ranks on search engines, the more web visitors you will attract. We will help you personalise your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Strategy.

  • Articles

    A very effective way to bring quality traffic to your site is article marketing. You can write short articles related to your site’s keywords and distribute these articles all over the web. Article marketing is still one of the most effective ways to attract quality traffic, which means web users that are really interested in what you offer or sell on your website.

  • Pay Per Click
    Pay Per Click

    PPC (Pay per click) advertising is the quickest way to get quality traffic to your site. As it is expensive, you need to be careful and find ad campaigns which work for you. If you carefully choose your keywords then Microsoft Adcenter, Yahoo Marketing and, of course, Google Adwords can bring you a lot of quality traffic. If you have the means, do not rule out Adwords or any of the PPC programs.

  • Social Media
    Social Media

    Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn… Social media sites can provide a lot of traffic to your website, even without any social network account. Why? Because web users – readers, customers, etc. – are talking about you even if you have no profile. Never ignore social media and video websites in your traffic strategy… because they will probably never ignore you.

  • E-mail

    Surprisingly, e-mailing is also a very effective way to bring quality traffic to your website. If you send regular newsletters with interesting content, this will bring in more visitors than you would expect because people will recommend your content to friends and co-workers. Even your e-mail signature is a valuable source of traffic- just include simple viral messages and… your website address.

Google rules the Web!

ISTANBUL IT SERVICES will help your website reach top search engine results in queries that are strategic for your business. If you offer on-line or e-commerce services, we will also work on your “conversion rate” to transform your web visitors into real customers.

World Top Search Engines in 2011

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